Manufacturer of High quality Rubber Metal Bonded Rubber products, Forged and Fabricated items for Indian Railways, Automobile Industries & Ministry of Defense. RUBBER PARTS, METAL BONDED RUBBER PARTS:-

  • Rubber Upper Washers.
  • High Capacity Side Buffer Springs.
  • Rubber Lower Washers.
  • Modified Elastomeric Pads for Wagon Rubber Pad.
  • Air Spring Assembly.
  • Side Bearer Pads for Wagon.
  • Rubber Sheets.
  • High Capacity Draft Gear  Pads.
  • Rubber Vestibules.
  • Rubber Buffer Springs for Coach.
  • Nylon Re-enforced Rubber Pads.
  • Rubber Buffer Spring for Wagon.
  • Rubber Elastomeric Pads.
  • Rubber Draft Gear Pads.
  • Grooved Rubber Sole Plates.
  • Metal Bonded Silent Blocks